Extra Matured Sirloin Roast

Extra Matured on the Bone for a minimum of 60 days, our one of a kind Extra Matured Sirloin Roasts are as good as it gets. Dry Ageing for 60 days gives an unprecedented concentration of flavour and tenderness. A truly special roast and one to savour.

Our Extra Matured Beef is matured on the bone in a dedicated temperature and humidity controlled environment for up to 60 days. Our Beef is sourced from trusted Scottish Borders farms.

When you order our Extra Matured Beef you will receive a 'passport' which gives you details of the breeding farm, cattle eartag number, kill date and maturing length of your exact steak or roast.

Extra Matured Sirloin Roasts are available in the following sizes: 1kg (Serves 2-4), 2kg (Serves 6-8) and 4kg (Serves 12-16).

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