Our Meat

At Shaws Fine Meats we pride ourselves on sourcing the finest quality livestock from trusted farms in the Scottish Borders. Our master butchers prepare this produce with the greatest skill and care, ensuring you receive a product of the finest quality. 



Our Dry Aged Beef

We source our beef from local farms, tried and trusted by us, which we believe produce the finest Scottish cattle. 

Our extensive chilling facilities allow us to dry age our beef on the bone - maximising the flavour and tenderness of our beef.

We dry age our beef steaks and hindquarter cuts for a minimum of 35 days before butchering.  


Our Extra-Mature Dry Aged Beef

After dry ageing for a minimum of 35 days, we select the finest examples of our beef cuts to be transferred to our dedicated maturing room. Here, whole cuts are matured on the bone for a further 25 days. Dry Ageing for 60 days gives an unprecedented concentration of flavour and tenderness. A truly special steak and one to savour. Our one of a kind Extra Matured Beef is as good as it gets.

Our maturing room is held at a constant temperature of 2 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity of 10%. 

When you order our Extra Matured Beef you will receive a 'passport' which gives you details of the breeding farm, cattle eartag number, kill date and maturing length of your exact steak or roast.


Our Lamb

Procured from farms around the Scottish Borders, our Texel and Texel-Cross lambs are raised naturally amongst fields of Scottish heather making for some truly flavoursome lamb. We allow our lambs to dry age in our maturing facility to guarantee supreme tenderness. 


Our Pork

We source our free range Scottish Borders pork directly from trusted farmers who raise their pigs to the highest welfare standards. We allow the pork to mature on the bone - making for some incredible crackling! This pork is used to produce all our dry cured bacon and gammons.